Friday, 24 September 2010

An eventful few weeks...


And finally we're on the verge of another weekend (a much needed one at that!) Have been meaning to update for a while now but various things have cropped up and time has seemed to be at a premium during the past few weeks. Anywayyy...

Saddler was due out on the 10th Sept to fit Lola with her first saddle but ended up having to cancel after problems with his supplier. He's now booked to come out tomorrow (yeyyy!!) so with any luck i can finally start riding properly! As it turns out, i'm quite glad he cancelled the first appointment as she was kicked out in the field the following day and i wouldn't have been able to ride anyway. With Lo being the big drama queen she is it turned out to be far worse than 'just a kick'. One of her (no longer) fieldmates cornered her as i was trying to get her out of the field and double-barrelled her in the stomach, then kicked out again and caught the top of her hind leg :-( She was wearing a rug so i didnt think the first one made much of an impact. Took her back to her stable, trotted her up and she seemed fine, so i jumped on bareback & took her in the school. We did about 10 minutes then she started being silly so jumped off and was going to do some in hand work. It wasn't until i got off that i noticed a big, nasty looking lump had appeared where the first kick had landed. It would have been about 5 inches back from where my leg would have been and must have been really sore, so it was no wonder she was playing up really.

I called my vet out to have a look and turned out to be a haematoma, about 4 inches in diameter. Had painkillers & anti-inflamatories & vet went off on his way. He warned me that there could be further issues but didn't think it was too likely, and to call him if she seemed at all unwell/unusual. Left her that evening quite happily munching on her haynets and looking right as rain. Found her the next morning, bed all over the place, pawing the ground and rolling a lot. Vet came straight back out on sunday morning and diagnosed impacted colic. She colicked all day sunday and was still not right on monday, so vet came out again to scan her & see if there was any internal damage. Thankfully all organs were intact and last rib looked fine (no break or anything, which he was concerned about) She was still quite all day monday but improved in leaps and bounds when i turned her out for a few hours on tuesday and has been fine ever since (touch wood!) Two weeks on, most of the swelling has gone and she's back out in the big field with Gem.


On top of sick horses i finally have a new job :-D Have managed to get out of that God-awful kitchen and i'm now working with horses again. Conveniently, it happens to be on the same livery yard i keep the girls at so life has suddenly got much easier. I'd forgotten how it feels to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. It's fantastic!


Last weekend also saw the Marriage of 2 of my best friends (and me in a dress!) As hard as i tried to get her to allow me to wear a suit she said there was no way her Maid of Honour was wearing a suit so i relented and wore a dress. Anyone who knows me would know how unusual this is, especially as said dress was also pink (my least favourite colour ever) There is photographic evidence in existance but that's being kept under very close wraps until i can examine the photos for myself!

Hopefully the next few weeks won't be as eventful as the past few have been but we shall see. I'm just excited to be able to ride the baby pony soon!!

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