Saturday, 9 October 2010

At last i get to ride the baby pony!!

Well, kick is all healed, swelling has gone down and finally i get to ride Lola! We've had 2 lessons now, and lots of riding inbetween and so far so good, she's been a little superstar! Ok, so our 1st lesson didn't go all that well but sometimes i think i forget she's only 4 and expect too much of her. She was going really well, turning is much better now and basic figures were all coming together nicley- then we tried our first trot... We managed 4/5 nice strides before she realised trotting was far too much like hard work and rooted herself to the spot! After several minutes of persuasion i got her to go forward and tried again, queue more rooting! I finally managed to get the lazy little buggar to do a full lap of the school then we called it a day and went back to working in walk. Again, i think i probably expected too much of her, but she's so mature in everything she does i dont think thats such a bad thing? The trot we did was lovley, even my instructor commented on how balanced and free her trot was, especially considering it was only the 2nd time she'd been ridden under saddle. I think thats part of the problem, everything she does feels like you're riding a much older horse rather that a youngster.

Well, we practiced lots during the week and went on our 1st hack out (on the lead rein, after freaking out at horses galloping around the next field and attempting a mini rear by bottle flew out of the window and i insisted the lead rein went back on. Big wimp i know!) and she improved no end. No more rooting to the spot and trot work is coming along a treat. It's almost like the first time i ask her to do something she does it, then has to think about it, then comes back a few days later and goes 'it's ok, i know what to do now' and just does it from then on. She amazes me more and more every day :-D

Second lesson was much, much better! Bev (my wonderful instructor) was very impressed with how much she'd come on in a week and even let us attempt our first trotting poles. I've jumped her on the lunge so didnt expect many problems, and i was correct. She had a quick look the first time we walked over but went over perfectly 2nd time, and then in trot too. We shall be working on that in coming weeks and hopefully introducing crosspoles too. ( Pics to follow!)

After another week of schooling we are now trotting school figures, changes of rein etc... and her walk is improving no end. She's really beginning to take a contact now, and starting to work through her back properly. Transitions are much better too, sharp and (almost) precise. Lots of work long and low is paying off and she's becoming a really nice ride already. We're doing our first InterDressage test this month and hoping to get out to our first proper show in november. It's only a walk & trot test but it will be her first time at a show too so i'm hoping the party atmosphere doesn't go straight to her head!

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