Friday, 5 November 2010

We survived our first hack! (Well, eventually...)

So, after another hectic month i finally return with progress reports. Sadly the plan to get out and about this month doesn't look like it's going to happen. Lola isn't quite ready and i'm stuck for transport :-( Aiming for just after Christmas now though so fingers crossed! On the plus side, she is coming along nicely. We've been for our 1st proper hack out alone this morning which was pretty much a success! The 1st hack was also attempted last weekend but we never actually managed to get off the yard so that doesn't count. The little madam decided that as soon as my bum touched the saddle she'd shoot off, tanking through the yard (which thankfully was very quiet as it was 8am on sunday morning) and only stopping when she spooked at the muck heap. After much growling on my part i got her past the muck heap only for her to spook again at the fence and start rapidly reversing up the drive towards the YO's house. At this point i lost my patience and gave up, jumped off and dragged her round to the school where we did just under an hour of solid schooling. By the end i bet she was wishing she'd behaved and gone out on a nice quick hack round the block! Anyway, she's redeemed herself today by being a little star and keeping me in one piece! We had a brief moment when the dogs jumped up the neighbours fence at her but she didnt run off or panic so it's all good. Awww i do love my little spotty beast sometimes! :-D

I've also started Gem again this last 2 weeks. We're only lunging at the moment because of the whole cold backed issue i need to get sorted, although the more i speak to my vet the more i'm convinced it's behavioural rather than physical. She definitley knows her job though. She's quite happy to walk, trot and canter from voice aids alone and knows exactly what i'm asking for. If anyone's read my 1st posts about them you'll know that i have no idea of what she's done in the past, i'm finding everything out as we go along so i'm very optimistic. We've also done a few sessions loose jumping and have so far cleared 1.20m with a 1.15m spread, and still have room to spare. After seeing the enthusiasm she has for jumping, and the scope she shows i'm highly doubtful there's a physical problem and it just makes me want to get on and ride even more.

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