Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Quick Hello... (with photos)

Not really much to report- just thought i'd drop by to put up some winter photos :) Have now been on my friends yard for 7 weeks and, although i've grown to love it there and i had forgotten how much i'd missed everyone, we're moving to another yard tomorrow. Mixed feelings but i know it's best for the girls and thats all that counts. It's a newly opened yard, and a little closer to home, but has an indoor school, an outdoor currently being built, it should be done within next few weeks- very exciting!! It's hugggge and i cant wait to ride in it! Along with the jumping paddock and XC course under progress i cant wait until the summer. Photos to come soon!

And now for the photos as promised (not very exciting but the snow's pretty!)

And some recent field photos...

More updates after the big yard move tomorrow!! See you soon!

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