Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A New Horse Joins the Ranks!

Soooo, last weekend saw the arrival of a (not so new) boy in the field. Ben, my old boy, is back with us on holiday for a few weeks. I sold him November 2009 to a lovely family in Oxford but they've had to move yards and struggled finding somewhere for Ben to go short term so he's back with us for now :-D

Ben is a 17hh, 11 year old chestnut IDxTB, sold as unfortunately he was just too big for me to do him justice at the time. Of all the horses i've been involved with he was certainly the hardest to let go so i'm very glad to have him home again for a few weeks. Anyone that's ever met Ben will know what i mean. He's such a sweet lad, huge but sweet!

He is currently living out with the other geldings and has settled right in. Being the biggest in the field by about 3 hands i think the others were slightly intimidated to begin with but they get along like they've known each other forever now. I arrived at his field this morning to find Ben and 2 of his friends lined up at the gate, in size order. As all 3 of them were chestnut it was quite comical looking at them. Ginger's about 13.2hh, Jake (in the middle) is about 14.2hh then Ben, the huge 17hh beast on the other end. Sadly i didnt have my camera with me as that would have been an excellent photo!

I did, however, have my camera with me yesterday. And so i give you Ben...

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