Friday, 25 February 2011

Lola comes back into work (for a WHOLE 2 days!)

Do you ever feel like your horse is trying to tell you something? Well, i'm convinced mine is trying to tell me she's quite happy living the life of riley out in her field with her friends and in no way, shape or form does she want to do any actual work! The first time i attempted to bring her into work she got kicked and colicked (see earlier posts...) leading to box rest & weeks off. This time, after a break of just over 3 months, i manage to ride her a grand total of twice before we find an unexplained puncture would on the near forearm, resulting in almost 2 weeks box rest so far and i don't know how many weeks off work by the time it's healed. Grrrrrr

However, on the bright side, the little madame hasn;t been lame on it at all, and *touches wood* can hopefully be turned out again on monday after the vet takes the dressing off (This is the plan anyway, with Lola most things tend not to go to plan!) So far we've had 5 dressing changes and have been a whole rainbow of colours (photos to follow) We've also had her leg scanned to make sure there was no damaged bone, which thankfully there isn't, so it's just a case of waiting for it to heal now. Hopefully, as she's not been lame, when the vet gives the go-ahead to turn out i can start riding again not long after. It has also been decided that she's being wrapped from head to toe in cotton wool and bubble wrap from now on!

We've also had purple & red, green & blue and today's blue & purple, but i havent managed to upload those photos yet :-)

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